If you find you have a question about toppsfootball.co.uk please take a look through the frequently asked questions below


Q. What does registration for toppsfootball.co.uk cost?
A. Registration for toppsfootball.co.uk is free.

Q. Is toppsfootball.co.uk a safe environment for my child?
A. toppsfootball.co.uk is a safe online environment that allows your child to enjoy the game play of Match Attax. For safety reasons there is no chat in toppsfootball.co.uk and Match Attax Live. The game is also free from advertising.

Customer Services

Q. Can I change my team name once it has been created?
A. No unfortunately you cannot. This is because your team name is your unique identifier and is used across the league tables and in the lobby to help your friends find you. To avoid disappointment make sure you spend some time choosing your team name. You can access the team name generator via your profile page.

Q. I cannot login anymore - what can I do?
A. Please check that you have the correct username and password to log-in. A forgotten password facility is available at this link. Simply enter the email address the account is registered to. If you continue to have problems please address your enquiry to info@toppsfootball.co.uk.

Q. I forgot my login details - what can I do now?
A. A forgotten password facility is available at this link. Simply enter the email address the account is registered to and your details will be reset.

Q. How can I reset my password?
A. You can edit your profile information at this link

Q. How can I delete my account?
A. Send email request entitled "DELETE MY ACCOUNT" to info@toppsfootball.co.uk, your account will then be deleted within 48 hours.

Q. Where can I find the codes?
A. The codes are found on the inside 2015/2016 retail packets  Match Attax cards.

Q. How can I find out my current points/position?
A. This information is available on the leagues page in the Profile menu.

If you still have questions that were not covered above please feel free contact us and we will get back to you.