UEFA Champions League Match Attax OUT NOW!!!


Topps' brand new Match Attax UEFA Champions League trading cards are OUT NOW!

Featuring superstars Ronaldo, Neymar, Lewandowski, Kane and Messi, Match Attax UEFA Champions League returns with a brand new slick design and all the latest statistics on skills such as tackling, speed, passing and shooting.

The latest football collection from Topps includes new defensive dynamos and hot-shot foil cards, alongside brand new all-star XI cards. Not only that, fans will be able to get their hands on Real Madrid winner’s cards celebrating the Galácticos’ 12th Champions League title win last season.

And, as the competition heats up on the road to the final in Kiev, fans can get their hands on Limited Edition, Man of the Match and Ultimate 100 club XI cards.

UEFA Champions League Match Attax starter packs will retail at £5, including a collector binder, supersize play pitch, five cards, plus a Gold Limited Edition Cristiano Ronaldo card! Packets of 9 cards will retail at £1, Multi-Packs of 45 cards, including a Limited Edition, are £5. Collectors Tins will be £6, Mega Tins and Pro Collector Binders will retail at £10 each.  

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Where to find the Limited Editions

Limited Editions are back for the new season! 

Heres where to find your favourite UEFA Champions League Players:


Cristiano Ronaldo 

Gold - Match Attax Starter Pack

Silver - MOTD January Special Magazine (11.01.18)


Collector Tin

Luis Suarez - Gold 

Dele Alli - Silver

Falcao - Bronze



Antoinne Griezmann - Gold

David Luiz - Silver

Iker Casillas - Bronze


Mega Tins

Robert Lewandowski - Gold - 'New Signings' Mega Tin 

Gabriel Jesus - Gold - 'Game Changers' Mega Tin 

Marco Reus - Gold - 'Club Heroes' Mega Tin 


Mohamed Salah

Gold - Kick Magazine Issue 150 - Out Now  


Paul Pogba

Gold - Pro Collector Binder


Gareth Bale

Signed Platinum Limted Edition - in Lucky Packets. CLICK HERE for more information on how to find this card!


*****Please note - all Limited Editions are also available in Lucky Packets*****  


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