How To Play

Questions & rounds

  • The questions are split into two rounds of 5, Home and Away.
  • Home questions allow 15 seconds to answer
  • Away questions allow 10 seconds to answer
  • All questions are multiple choice, from a choice of 3 answers

Scoring & leaderboard

The league table is based on combined points scored in each game.

  • 2 points are awarded for each correct answer
  • 0 points are awarded for incorrect answers

Bonus points are given as follows:

  • Bonus points are awarded for 3+ correct answers in a row
  • You get 3 bonus points for the first 3 correct answers in a row, and an extra 2 bonus points for each correct answer over 3
  • e.g. 5 correct answers in a row earns you 7 bonus points

The league is ordered by the following rules:

  • Points scored, most to least
  • For teams on equal points they are ordered by:
    • Games played, least to most
    • Average speed to answer questions, fastest to slowest


You are also awarded stars to spend in the boardroom, below shows what you can earn.

  • 2 Stars for completing
  • +1 Stars for answering 5+ correct
  • +2 Stars for answering 8+ correct
  • +4 Stars for answering all correct


Your site experience level is also boosted by the quiz, below shows they XP you can earn.

  • 3 XP for completing
  • +1 XP for answering 5+ correct
  • +2 XP for answering 8+ correct
  • +4 XP for answering all correct
  • +1 XP per correct answer in under 5 seconds